2019 Senior Poetry Contest Winners

June 26th, 2019 by Lori Gerhart

Our winners have been announced!

First Place: J. David Roslin
'Fifteen Rubber Soldiers'

Fifteen rubber soldiers all set up so neat.
They stand in rubber shoes, and march on gummy feet.

They will not stop an army, they will not stop a fleet,
But their guns are at the ready, and they do not know defeat.

They attack across the kitchen floor, and they make the cat retreat,
The fifteen rubber soldiers, with their green and molded feet.

Alas, here comes the puppy, he sees something out of place,
What are these things, that stand between him and his young master’s face?

The rubber soldiers stand their ground, they will not give up the flanks.
They hold their ground, and never show, a break within their ranks.

The puppy’s paw takes out five men, they all fell where they stood,
His tail knocks down another five, they all did what they could.

When the puppy sits, more brave men are taken by the rear,
You can’t see them anymore, they just disappear.

When the puppy wagged his tail, I saw the last one fall.
The puppy licked his master’s face, and they both ran down the hall.

Fifteen rubber soldiers, on the floor they all lay
Mom will scoop them all up, so they can fight another day.

Second Place: Diane Buchanan

Grey’s the color of prison cell walls,
old church basements,
and steel edges of state hospital cement stairs.
Grey is the dingy color of old snow.

But grey is also the smoky haze of charcoal sketches,
tints of black blending ever lighter.
Grey is the full spectrum
of truth between two extremes,
not needing to disprove the other
to justify its own existence.

Grey mirrors truth back to me
in ways I would never have believed in my youth.
I now embrace grey’s breadth.
I feel safe in the greys of life,
to accept the wisps of grey hair,
to learn to live in the unexplained shades of grey,
and the unanswered questions of my life.

Third Place: Sonia Kessler
'Cardinal Delight'

My morning begins with the delightful sounds
Of my red feathered visitor’s melodious rounds.
His song carries on in the morning breeze
From his lofty perch in the highest trees.
He does not tire of his constant quest
To have another come join his nest.

Oh to be happy as much as he
A brilliant red spot up in that tree.
Whose beautiful voice brightens my day
In a wonderful, magical, perfect way.
May his song be heard throughout the land
This magnificent maestro leading his feathered band.

The winners read their winning entries during a poetry workshop on June 4, 2019 during the Senior Festival of the Arts at the Miller Center at RACC. You’ll find these winning poems, as well as several other notable entries, in the July 2019 issue of Berks Encore News.

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