Berks Encore Care Management & Advocacy

Berks Encore’s expanded care management and advocacy is an innovative service program designed to assist seniors remain independent in their homes and to tackle challenges. Our trained staff is available to be a “one-stop” help to seniors and caregivers to obtain services, find resources and get answers to questions.

Berks Encore has built a strong reputation for service with excellence and gracious hospitality when working with seniors and their families. We know that a professional patient advocate is someone who can help working adults navigate their aging parents through the very complex healthcare system. Many family members and friends act as an advocate on a regular basis as a loved one faces hospitalization, health crisis, or chronic illness and treatment path. However, a professional advocate offers experience, training, and in-depth knowledge of how to ensure the best care and pathway to good health and quality of life.

Beginning with our Meals on Wheels clients, Berks Encore’s goal is to connect these seniors by providing professional assessments and recommendations for resources, education and care plan options. Our staff can work with the client to identify concerns and questions to help seniors and their family members understand their health situation and options in lay terms. Future plans include ideas such as accompanying a patient to appointments and treatments for ER continuity and to formulate questions for providers to ensure good communication.

By expanding our spectrum of services to low-middle and middle-income seniors and their families, we can assist families with becoming proactive rather than reactive in managing chronic conditions.

Finally, we can provide emotional support for the senior and their family. Health crises can be emotional and it can often be very difficult to manage the practicalities and make clear decisions when facing these emotions. Berks Encore Advocates can serve as the sounding board.