Beware! Facebook Scam

Please be aware of a Facebook Scam. See details below:

I got an email from “Facebook” this morning about a password reset. It looked very legit, but the email it came from didn’t look right. So, I did a search on what the email address would be from Facebook for a recovery code. Well, it appears this is a new scam that is happening. Here is an article about it –
I will be changing my password as a precautionary, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this new scam.

What she did right:
1. Checked the email address. The subject line may be convincing. The content might sound like it is coming from Facebook. By checking the email address, you might find imperfections.
2. Searched to check what the Facebook recovery email address is.
3. Checked to find out if there might be a scam happening.
4. Changed her password to stop future scam alerts.

Ask yourself these questions if you suspect a scam:
Is this the right way to be informed?
Facebook is NOT going to text you either.
Are there grammatical errors in the email? Red Flag!
Is it the right email address?
Did I ask to receive this email?
Those FREE money or You’ve WON emails!!!
No, you aren’t going to get FREE money
and the only one who has won is them, when you respond.

If you’re ever uncertain about an email’s authenticity,
follow the steps provided.

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