Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease self-management support can be described more as a philosophy or approach to working with people who have a chronic disease rather than a form of intervention. One form or model of self-management support may not be appropriate for everyone or meet all of the needs of any one person. However, there are a number of self-management support models and training programs that are researched and evidence-based, and provide good underlying understanding of chronic disease self-management support theory and principles. Through partnership with healthcare organizations, a range of self-management support opportunities become available to meet the needs and preferences of clients.

  • Multi-week, group-based course for 10-15 participants
  • Two leaders, one a health professional and one a peer leader
  • Very structured in content, backed by research
  • Requires leaders to complete a training program in order to deliver the course


  • Group environment reduces sense of isolation and facilitates self-efficacy
  • Facilitates empowerment of participants through peer learning and sharing
  • Strong goal-setting and problem-solving focus

Through partnership and collaboration, Berks Encore can share the role and responsibility for self-management support for those affected by chronic diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Berks Encore recognizes that collaboration and partnerships will best meet a person’s needs, make them aware of the options available, and provide support and reinforce messages given by health care practitioners.