COVID-19 Update

  • When some of our Meals on Wheels volunteers opted to stay home for their own health, essential staff filled in until new volunteers could be enlisted. We need your help now as many of the newer volunteers have returned to work and we have more than 650 homebound seniors in our community counting on us for a meal and a safety check.

  • With a 30%+ increase in demand for Meals on Wheels service since March, care managers are making phone assessments and enrolling new participants as quickly as possible, so no one is left without help.

  • The increased demand coupled with the necessity to cancel our two major fundraising events, is putting a strain on our budget.

At Berks Encore, we want to make sure that any senior in need in our community continues to receive the services, supplies, and resources to stay safe in their own homes. By donating your time or money, you can help us make that happen. 

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