Health & Wellness: Meet Winning Wellness Participants Chris and Janice Verone


The Varone’s started their wellness journey with Berks Encore after Chris recovered from heart valve replacement surgery. He was looking for an opportunity to continue his cardiac rehabilitation, so he and his wife Janice joined the Healthy Steps in Motion Class. The class focuses on building body strength, increasing flexibility and improving balance. Each session starts with a warm-up, followed by strength & balance exercises and ends with cool-down stretches. The class meets for 1-hour sessions twice a week for eight consecutive weeks. Pleased with the results they received from the class, Chris and Janice were motivated to continue their wellness journey with Berks Encore.

Next, Janice and Chris joined our Hike-a-Month club and have been faithful hikers ever since.  They also took our Eat Well – Be Well program in August and even treated the class to fresh figs from their garden.  With so much experience participating in 2023, we were so grateful they joined our Berks Encore Health & Wellness Ambassador Program, where they are “spreading the word” about our programs in hopes of motivating newcomers to join the wellness journey.

Chris and Janice share feedback about their EAT WELL – BE WELL class experience.

Overall Experience

The overall experience was great and has made the biggest impact for us. We have a new approach to shopping, preparing and enjoying meals. Imagine, a new approach to something so important and in dire need of upgrade!  While attending this program we became more aware of ingredients and combinations that aid in regaining good health. We participate on a new level with our grocery shopping, food preparation and meals that represent “eating the rainbow!”



After 40 years, we found ourselves in a shared retirement routine. Our primary goal was to find new things to do with only one condition:  whatever we get involved with has to be “something new for me AND you.” We discovered the Berks Encore programs and together we are being guided to better health and wellness. The enthusiastic staff are inviting, informative, motivating, helpful and entertaining! Even more valuable to us is our new-found approach to maintaining good health and continuing to stay alert to illness prevention. It’s impressive how easy it is to enhance our daily schedules with Berk Encore programs. In fact, as one program draws to a close, we find ourselves eager to continue with the good things that we find by participating.  What we have accomplished is a renewed interest in health, wellness and each other.


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