Implementing a Meals on Wheels Volunteer Program

The following videos show how easy it is to implement a Meals on Wheels volunteer program at your business and why doing so increases employee morale and pride.

White Star Tours

White Star Tours President, Chris Kraras, has experienced the accomplished feeling of giving back after participating in a Meals on Wheels Celebrity Day event several years ago. After making the route on his own that year, he knew this was something to encourage his employees to get involved with. He has found literally hundreds of companies that love to get into the spirit of getting involved and giving back to the community, and Celebrity Day presents the opportunity for these businesses to experience the spirit of the Meal on Wheels program.

“It’s truly an interesting dynamic that takes place amongst the employees when they participate—they get to appreciate a lot more of the blessings that they have while giving back to a community that means so much to them.” –Chris Kraras

Leisawitz Heller

William Blumer, Shareholder at Leisawitz Heller, knew it would be a natural fit for the company to volunteer its staff for the Meals on Wheels program. As his staff states, everyone became immediately interested in signing up and has found the experience rewarding both personally and as a business. Helping the community, which may also include Leisawitz Heller clients, goes beyond monetary donation and brings a positive response and impact to everyone.

“We see those people, we know exactly what we’ve done for them, and we know exactly how much that impacts their life.” –William Blumer

Signs & More

Ruth Ann Cole, entrepreneur and owner of Signs & More, has chosen the “hands-on experience” over in-kind and monetary donations. Volunteering time to a worthy cause such as Meals on Wheels has provided her with a chance to support her community, where it’s important to give back to the place where her business thrives. Ruth also acknowledges the route and schedule accommodations the program has made for her so that she can continue to offer meal recipients a sense of independence.

“The operation is huge; I am just a small part of it.” –Ruth Ann Cole