Joanne McCarthy’s Wellness Journey to Living Well with Diabetes

Joanne came to Berks Encore after sustaining a very life-threatening heart attack and extensive heart surgery.  She was informed that her heart valves were damaged due to her diabetes.  That news gave Joanne the motivation to make a commitment to take charge in managing her diabetes.  In October Joanne joined our Living Well with Diabetes program, along with 14 other participants.  It was one of our largest diabetes classes to date and it was certainly our most memorable.  Sharing and learning with other diabetics in the class was just what she needed; learning she is not alone in her wellness journey.


Overall Experience

The Berks Encore instructors educated me at a time that I really needed help with my diabetes. The support of having a partner to talk with about our action plans and the sharing in class made me realize that I am not alone with my health problems.


The class had great information for every part of your life with diabetes; when to exercise, what to eat and when to test your blood sugar.  I learned to eat healthier by reading labels more carefully.  I learned to have an action plan every week, which really helps me to do things that I thought I couldn’t do. I lowered my A1C which is taken every 3 months and as a result I feel better in mind and body. After having diabetes for 16 years, I learned a lot of information about the disease that I didn’t know about. I encourage others with diabetes to take this course.  You are never too old to learn!

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