Scam Alert – Letter Scam!

Department of Revenue Issues Warning on “Final Demand for Payment” Letter Scam

With the tax filing season underway, the Department of Revenue is encouraging Pennsylvanians to be alert for scams that are designed to trick people into turning over sensitive data and personal information.

The department has received reports of a Final Demand for Payment phony letter that threatens wage garnishment and the taking of property or assets unless the recipient calls a phone number to resolve the issue.

Keep an eye out for dubious claims or suspicious details such as:

  • The fake letters come from “Tax Assessment Procedures Domestic Judgment Registry,” which doesn’t exist.
  • The letters do not include a return address. Any correspondence from the Department of Revenue will always include an official department address as the return address.
  • The recipient owes unpaid taxes to the “State of Pennsylvania” rather than the “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” or “Department of Revenue.”
  • The phony letters are very generic and do not include any specific information about the taxpayer’s account. Letters from the department will include specific, personal information about the taxpayer and the inquiry.
  • The letters focus on public records that anyone can access. The Department of Revenue’s correspondence would include more detailed information.

If you are concerned about a potentially fraudulent notice, visit the department’s website for verified contact information.

If you believe that you are a victim of tax fraud or tax-related identity theft, contact the department’s Bureau of Fraud Detection & Analysis by either emailing or calling 717-772-9297 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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