To support the growing number of adult caretakers in our community, Berks Encore maintains a spirit of continuous education on the most important issues. In the past, this would have included a variety of guidance and counseling sessions, on-site education seminars and informative evening classes. During the pandemic we have had to eliminate some programs, move to computer or telephone counseling and will hold zoom meetings for other topics. Through everything we do, we always strive to assist and support all aging members of our community in a personal and professional way.

Berks Encore Care+

We can provide support and guidance for individuals who are working and find themselves as the primary caregiver for an aging adult. Berks Encore Care+ Aging Life Care Managers can provide assistance by creating a personalized plan to help navigate the array of senior services.  The care managers from Berks Encore Care+ are available by calling  484-577-4243 or by email to


New to Medicare Sessions
We offer our participants free Medicare counseling through the PA MEDI program. Currently we will do counseling over the phone, by computer or in one-on-one appointments in the office or at our centers.  Contact a counselor at 610-374-3195 ext. 208.

Zoom classes are scheduled for those turning 65 to help you understand the A, B, Cs & Ds of Medicare. Check out one of these programs on zoom. Call for the zoom link to 610-374-3195 ext. 208.

We are offering in-person Medicare sessions at Berks Encore Centers. Our next session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14 @ 10 a.m. at Berks Encore Strausstown – 44 East Ave. Ste. 5., Bernville. You must register by calling 610-374-3195 ext. 209.

Health And Wellness

We have health and wellness education classes that can help if you have received a diagnosis for diabetes. Maybe  you are dealing with a chronic condition like congestive heart failure or COPD, or arthritis and chronic pain. Our Health & Wellness Educators are master trainers that have completed certification and training to teach evidence based programs that deliver results. Fall preventions and balance exercise programs can help you live a fuller, more active life.  For more information about our Health & Wellness classes, click here. 

No matter your age, there’s always an opportunity to learn. Contact us for more information.