Available Program and Seminar Topics

Health and Wellness Programs


Exercise — whether in the form of gardening, cleaning, walking, or strength training — is beneficial in so many ways. In particular, strength training (or weight resistance training) is a technical name to describe the process of building muscles by working out against resistance, either by lifting weights or working with machines or special large rubber bands. The benefits are numerous — strength training improves your balance and coordination, decreases your risk of falling or injury, helps reduce stress, improves cardiovascular fitness and you feel better physically and emotionally. Learn more about the benefits and types of exercise and ways to exercise daily in these sessions.


Insurance and Tax Programs
Berks Encore’s Information and Referral Counselors can prepare presentations on the following topics:

    • Health Insurance Options (Apprise)
    • How to sign up for Medicare
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  • Long-Term Care Concerns
  • Social Security
  • Medicare Changes
  • Other consumer issues
  • Consumer Fraud PACE/ PACENET
  • Property Tax/ Rent Rebates
  • Medicare Part D
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
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Fiduciary Programs

Powers of Attorney: What You Need To Know

There is perhaps no more difficult task one can perform than becoming responsible for another person’s assets and/or health care. Too often, people are unaware of what is expected of them and they make innocent mistakes that create problems for themselves and family members. The seminar will include a discussion on the importance of holding a POA, different types of POA’s, and the legal issues involving people who serve as an agent under a power of attorney.

How to be a Power of Attorney

Elder Law attorney Bill Blumer presents important information on requirements for individuals serving as financial or healthcare power of attorney. Program dates and times to be determined.

Asset Protection Planning: What You Should Know

While a Living Trust may be a useful tool in financial planning for some people, they may not be a wise choice for everyone. Attorney Bill Blumer provides unbiased counsel on planning techniques to protect your savings from the high cost of long-term care. Program dates and times to be determined.

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