Evening Programs

Celebrating Life After 50…

As part of our mission to provide support for our aging community and the devoted people that care for them, Berks Encore had been offering a variety of evening programs. In today’s environment, we are offering zoom presentations to practice social distancing and still provide important information for families and older adults. With our evening zoom classes, our goal is to make Berks Encore’s resources and services available to individuals that still work during the day.

Educational Programs

Medicare A, B, C’s & D’s  – scheduled the 4th Monday of each month. If you are turning 65 don’t miss this basic introduction to Medicare. How to enroll, how to supplement your benefits, costs of coverage, and financial assistance that is available. 610-374-3195 ext. 208


BCTV Dance Parties – These dances were held each month at the Goodwill Beneficial Association Banquet Hall. As a result of the COVID pandemic, all dances have been cancelled. Watch for news of any upcoming dances or go to bctv.org


What types of programs would you like to see after dark? Contact us with your suggestions!