Friendly Visitor Program

Berks Encore’s Friendly Visitor Program connects homebound seniors with adult volunteers who agree to call or visit for about one hour per week. Volunteers are thoroughly screened and must pass a Criminal History Background Check before being matched with a senior in their area. While location is the most important criterion considered in matching the volunteer with a senior, interests, hobbies, work history, family and pets are all considered before the first visit is scheduled.

Your Friendship is the Greatest Donation

By becoming part of the social network matching isolated adults with community members who care about them, the Friendly Visitor Program can have a tremendous impact on the life and well-being of homebound seniors as well as those who get to know them.

A Volunteer’s Story

Even though Sheila, age 74, lost her vision at a young age, she raised a family and worked at a local company for 30 years. She continues to live independently and remains active in her church as well as with various community events. Even with these interactions, Sheila wished for someone to come and visit with her, read her mail, and help her retain her independence. It was then that she met her Friendly Visitor “Mim,” and the two have been best friends ever since.

Click here to read their story about friendship and gratitude.

If you would like to start a friendship with a volunteer visitor, click here for more information on the terms of this agreement. To get started, click here for an application.

If you’d like to join our Friendly Visitor program, please use the contact us form for more information, email to get started, or call 610-374-3195, x225.