Grocery Shopping Program

Berks Encore and Redner’s Warehouse Markets are proud to offer our Grocery Shopping Program. If you are over the age of 50, and have difficulty getting to a grocery store or doing your own shopping, Berks Encore will try to find a volunteer who will do your shopping and deliver the groceries to your home on a regular basis.

The process is simple:

  • Contact our office at 610.374.3195 ext. 219 to place an order on Monday or Thursday between 9 am and 2 pm to receive delivery that week.
  • Your volunteer shopper will call you to schedule a delivery time.
  • The volunteer will purchase the groceries at a local Redner’s Warehouse Markets location, using a Berks Encore charge card.
  • When your groceries are delivered, you pay for them with a check made out to Berks Encore, along with a $5 handling fee.
  • You can place an order weekly, or less frequently.
  • Each order will be limited to 25 items.
Click here for more information to determine eligibility for the grocery shopping program.

How to Register

Once we are able to assign a volunteer in your area, they will either call or visit you to understand your shopping needs and discuss when they are available to shop and deliver your groceries.

Clients can click here to download a form to register for the program. Please fax the completed form to 610.374.3483 or mail it to 40 North 9th Street, Reading, PA 19601. Questions can also be sent by email to

SNAP Recipients

The Grocery Shopping program accepts SNAP (Food Stamp) payments. Please call 610.374.3195, ext. 219 for instructions and paperwork to sign up for the program.


Our volunteers primarily do grocery shopping during the day or weekends. We appreciate your help to offer this much needed program to our seniors. If you know of someone interested in being a volunteer for our grocery shopping program, please call 610.374.3195 ext. 225 or email You can also complete our Volunteer Application form.

Volunteer grocery shoppers must:

  • Be available for shopping trips from one time per week to one time per month
  • Carry groceries into the household and help put them away
  • Have a current driver’s license and car insurance
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Pass a criminal background check

Why Join our Grocery Shopping Program?

“My neighbors have been wonderful helping me, but I don’t want to ask for their help too often. This program has changed my life because now I am eating food again that I couldn’t get before and it is wonderful. Also, my volunteer is very helpful, congenial and is very interested in what I’m doing. She’s very nice and I think she enjoys helping. I thank God that there are people like her. We really need more people like her.”
— Jeanne, grocery shopping program recipient

“I personally enjoy bringing what little bit of time I can to share a smile and a few moments of conversation with the seniors I have the pleasure of serving, and I believe I can spare an hour or so a week to provide a friendly visit. I think the act of visiting is the most important part. I believe they really appreciate the services and knowing that someone cares about them. I truly love to give, and I always leave my visits with such a good feeling that I have left behind a moment of joy for that person, no matter how small or brief, the feelings of care and compassion linger.”
 Kellie, grocery shopping program volunteer

If you have questions or concerns about this program, we’d be happy to help. Click here to get in touch!