For administrative staff in the Reading center, call 610-374-3195 then the extension listed below.

To reach individual center managers, call them at their respective center directly.


Brown, Scott        ext. 224  

Accounting Assistant


Caltagirone, Tim        ext. 210 

Advancement Assistant


Campisano, Deborah           ext. 215 or 610-207-1420

Berks Encore News Advertising


Cid, Jackie        ext. 220                     

Meals on Wheels Administrative Assistant


Colon, Carmen        ext. 208

Community Based Aging Executive Assistant


Damato, Pat        ext. 236

Reading Center Meals on Wheels


Garzon – Toro, Tatiana    ext. 213

Senior Care Manager, Meals on Wheels


Gebely, Andrea       610-488-5770

VP Center Operations


Gerber, Susanne        ext. 217

Executive Assistant


Gerhart, Lori         ext. 228

VP Advancement


Goodhart, Michelle        ext. 219

Grocery Shopping Coordinator


Hansen, Maggie        ext.203

Change of Condition Coordinator


Habecker, Nicki         ext. 603 or 484-256-8963

ADRC Link Coordinator


McMahon, Stephanie        ext. 223

Marketing Director


Moran, Chastity       ext. 221



Oatman, LuAnn         ext. 222



Phillips, Rita         ext. 225

VP of Volunteers


Rex, Katie        ext. 231

VP of Business Development


Roberts, Kathy        ext. 702

Health and Wellness Director


Sweinhart, Katie         ext. 602

Health & Wellness Educator


Velez, Rosa        ext. 226

PA – Medi Director


Weber, Cari        ext. 201 or ext. 230

Meals on Wheel Administrative Assistant


Wise, Sandi               ext.201

Reading Center Receptionist    


Ziegler, Dana            610-777-5577

Mifflin Center Assistant Manager       


Zinn, Glenna        ext.234

Care Manager


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