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Volunteer Spotlight
Tiffany Billingsley has been volunteering with Berks Encore (Meals on Wheels) since 2021. She grew up in Sebastian, Florida and attended Florida State University. She is happily married to her husband Chad, and has a son named, Brooks. Tiffany has been volunteering for her entire adult life and can’t remember the last time she did not do some sort of volunteering. She has volunteered with her township, school, church, library, animals, and in her neighborhood. She enjoys volunteering so much that she has a hard time saying no when someone is in need.

Tiffany delivers meals to residents of South Heidelberg Township. Tiffany said, “I absolutely love bringing lunch to some very special gentlemen and ladies, it’s a highlight of my week! They are just happy to see a smiling face deliver a warm meal. As much as they need this service, I believe as a Meals on Wheels driver, I need it just as much. When I go for long periods of time between deliveries, I definitely feel a void from our frequent visits. The seniors I visit become part of my extended family. Some people workout to feel better, some have other escapes, but honestly there is no better therapy than knowing that you are directly helping another person.”

Tiffany thinks very highly of Berks Encore and especially the Wernersville Center Manager, Melissa Ludwig. She enjoys watching all the seniors connect through activities, but what is even better is the relationships that she has formed through Meals on Wheels. She enjoys getting to know the people she delivers food to and said, “Some invite you in for a long chat to have some company every day.” It is very heartwarming to see volunteers go out of their way to create friendships with our clients.

Tiffany does not have many hobbies as she has devoted all of her time to volunteering and her family. Her 6-year-old is very active with an insanely busy sports schedule. However, if she did find some free time, you would find her somewhere outside with a book. One wish that she has is that more younger people could get involved with Meals on Wheels or any type of volunteering. She said, “I know many of the people I serve are absolutely delighted to see a younger face take time out to hear their most incredible life story, and we can benefit so much more by hearing them.” Berks Encore is grateful for Tiffany and her commitment to the community through all her volunteer efforts.

Berks Encore continually seeks Meals on Wheels delivery drivers, particularly at the Reading Center. Those interested in contributing can find more information on the Berks Encore website,, or by contacting Michelle Goodhart, Volunteer Coordinator, at 610-374-3195 ext. 225 or via email at



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